RE Summary (Microsoft Access Database) Size Approx. 29MB 12/10/19  
SQL Data as Comma Delimited and Queries Size Approx. 68MB  
GIS Shape Files Size Approx. 68MB 12/10/19  
2003 Aerials Size Approx. 1.1GB 05/07/08  
12D8 Downloads Size Approx 5.6MB 08/10/11  
Stuffit for Mac Size Approx. 1.4MB 01/28/09  
Public Request Form Size Approx. 463 KB  
Florida DOR Public FTP site to Down Load other files.
Florida DOR NAL NAP SDF File Layouts Size Approx. 463 KB  
FCIAAO 2016 (GIS/IT COMMITTEE) Size Approx. 568MB 04/06/16  






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